I am happy to send/receive encrypted email and I sign all of my GitHub commits; this is my current GPG public key:

Key ID: BB2B11BC (4096/RSA)
Fingerprint: 88D3 5EF4 88D6 A396 589F 0D73 5894 7923 BB2B 11BC
Created: 1 January 2017
Expires: 8 January 2025

Old keys:

Key ID: 051BF25F (4096/RSA)
Fingerprint: E610 DED4 270F ED27 C185 98F1 097B 53C1 051B F25F
Created: 2 October 2015
Expires: 30 September 2018
Validity: REVOKED

Key ID: 0671500E (2048/RSA)
Fingerprint: 7C3C 6AEC 0918 CF66 7C5D 35D3 4C20 CE71 0671 500E
Created: 26 August 2013
Expires: 8 January 2018
Validity: REVOKED

Key ID: AD6D8978 (1024/DSA)
Fingerprint: 2320 7413 2F93 67EC F3FF 032F 8DD0 D745 AD6D 8978
Created: 13 January 2008
Expires: never
Validity: REVOKED

Key ID: 23B11D23 (1024/DSA)
Fingerprint: E8A4 0E93 E181 5FD0 AEB4 CCE0 23A6 5544 23B1 1D23
Created: 23 February 2005
Expires: 23 February 2007
Validity: EXPIRED

Key ID: 51D41766 (1024/DSA)
Fingerprint: 709F 24C8 592F 3B1D E3FA 488F 2639 F92B 51D4 1766
Created: 26 September 2003
Expires: never

Key ID: 330FF418 (1024/DSA)
Fingerprint: B78A 1B06 A9A9 B73B 86FF D9EE 2748 C733 330F F418
Created: 22 April 2002
Expires: never

Key ID: AB23B7FE (1024/DSA)
Fingerprint: 8E90 40CF 5F08 B601 DAC4 376C 8696 1FED AB23 B7FE
Created: 13 April 2000
Expires: 1 October 2000
Validity: EXPIRED

Key ID: 3CC44BC4 (1024/DSA)
Fingerprint: E5E6 FBD8 8F06 BA1D 239F AD27 C944 7D72 3CC4 4BC4
Created: 22 March 1999
Expires: never

Key ID: 0359845F (1024/DSA)
Fingerprint: 7D68 F258 186A 0C97 17EA 4FEB 0670 05CA 0359 845F
Created: 29 December 1997
Expires: never