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Commons Education Select Committee inquiry: The impact of exiting the European Union on HE


The Commons Education Committee has today launched an inquiry into the impact of Brexit on higher education. This inquiry follows the expansion of the Committee’s remit to include higher education, further education and skills in response to changes at the Department for Education.

The inquiry will explore the implications of UK’s exit from the European Union for EU students and staff in the UK, as well as the ramifications for Britons who want to work and study at higher education institutions in the EU. The Committee also aims to examine the effect of Brexit on the reputation of England’s universities and ask how they can remain competitive; the future of the Erasmus+ student exchange programme is also be examined as part of the inquiry.

The impact of Brexit on university research and funding is not covered by the inquiry as these policy areas are the responsibility of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; the Commons Science and Technology Committee is currently conducting an inquiry into the implications and opportunities stemming from the UK’s exit from the EU on science and research.

The Committee thus invites submissions on the following issues:

  • The likely impact of the UK exiting the EU on EU students studying in England
  • What protections should be in place for existing EU students and staff
  • The future of the Erasmus+ programme following the withdrawal of the UK from the EU
  • Risks and opportunities for UK students
  • How changes to freedom of movement rules may affect students and academics in English higher education institutions
  • How to ensure UK universities remain competitive after the withdrawal of the UK from the EU
  • What the Government’s priorities should be during negotiations for the UK to exit the EU with regard to students and staff at higher education institutions
  • What steps the Government should take to mitigate any possible risks and take advantage of any opportunities

The deadline for written submissions is Friday 11 November 2016.

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CPHC Statement on UK withdrawal from the EU

Today, the Council for Professors and Heads of Computing have issued a statement (which I have supported) on the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union:

Before last week’s referendum, commentators expressed serious concerns about the impact of the UK withdrawal from the EU, and the inevitable uncertainty leading up to it, on the UK’s academic and industrial computer science sectors. CPHC believes it is vital that withdrawal negotiations are based on the best possible information about the current state of the various sectors and what is at stake under various options. The withdrawal of the UK from the Union could have a potentially profound impact on UK Computer Science education, research and industry. CPHC recognises that the referendum was the first step in a potential withdrawal from the EU, and that many discussions, decisions and negotiations are required before any exit is complete, indeed before Article 50 is even invoked. We aim to contribute to the information that will form the basis of any discussions and below we provide an overview of the potential impact of UK withdrawal, issues to be considered in any post-exit plan, and issues to consider in withdrawal negotiations.

Please see the full CPHC statement, which includes an overview of the potential impact and issues to consider for computer science and the wider UK technology sector.

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