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Computer Terror! (from 1988)

The students were safe, their computers weren’t…

A scaremongering US news report from 1988 on a computer virus outbreak (in fact, it was the Morris worm, one of the first well-known programs exploiting buffer overflow vulnerabilities):

Has a Daily Mail feel to it…

(HT Retronaut)

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“Today, there is no news”

On this day in 1930 (Good Friday, 18th April 1930), during what should have been the 6:30pm radio news bulletin, the BBC presenter announced:

Good evening. Today is Good Friday….there is no news.

Piano music was then played instead of the current affairs update for a couple of minutes, before normal scheduling resumed. Rather than the BBC judging that nothing newsworthy had actually happened, the official story is slightly more mundane. However, I sometimes wish that this declaration would happen today, rather than some of the non-news that is shown…especially on breakfast news programmes.

Perhaps something as excruciatingly excellent as this:

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