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  1. Fantastic article! Thanks Tom for writing up such a great summary… excellent for newcomers to the event who want a “single-page” overview. I agree is has been a great event for the scientists as well as the students. I certainly feel that I’ve had my knowledge expanded in lots of areas that I wouldn’t normally come across. Additionally, it has been a great “refresher” course for things I learned long ago, but have since forgotten.

    The contrast between the so-called “off-line questions” and the “chat sessions” has been great. And the questions posed by the students have been very interesting (and at times challenging). I’ve also enjoyed the teamwork that has existing between the Team Chromium scientists. As we pass questions back and forth, effectively consulting each other’s expertise, it has been both invigorating and encouraging for our own work, as well as educational.

    And from the response so far, I have little doubt that the students are enjoying it and are getting a lot out of it.

    So, that’s again for the great article. I agree with everything you say…

    … except the very last sentence! 😉

    1. Thanks Derek — I totally agree about the comradeship within Team Chromium; it will be odd when someone is voted off tomorrow.

      Lots of questions to answer tonight!

  2. Thanks for the offer to us to comment here while the IAS site is down! I said they’d need more powerful servers for the world-domination attempt.

    But now I can’t even tweet about it either! I’m getting that ‘Sorry, we did something wrong. Try to send your tweet again in a minute’ error. Stranded in cyberspace with no communications!

  3. I’m Emily from the Copper zone and I couldn’t agree more with all the great things you have said about the scheme. I can’t believe we have only been doing this for a week as I feel like I have answered so many questions already… and actually learnt quite alot about other areas of science myself from my brilliant copper zone team mates. I have already been telling everyone I know about the scheme and convinced quite a few to try out next year. This is the best form of public engagement I have seen to actually break down the barriers between scientists and the general public. Long may it continue!

  4. Thanks for your comments guys — the last week has been hard work but enormously fun; I would certainly recommend IASGMOOH to friends and colleagues if they are serious about public engagement and science communication!

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