IASGMOOH: second eviction

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The second day of evictions for I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here!…next to go in the Chromium Zone was…Derek McKay-Bukowski, a radio telescope project manager currently based in Finland.

Chromium Zone second eviction

This was a big surprise to me, as I thought Derek has been the stand-out performer in the offline questions (possibly by exploiting his hugely unfair timezone advantage); he will be missed! Take a look at his thoughtful evaluation of IASGMOOH, especially how it has helped him reflect on his work, including the benefits of engaging with scientists outside of your field, as well as improving his science communication skills.

However, the pressure is definitely on now, as we have had no chats this week (due to server issues and school no-shows) and the offline questions have dried up (at the latest count, we have answered over 450 questions). Will it all now depend on last week’s chat performances, as well as the mammoth question answering session over the weekend? We do have a chat scheduled for tomorrow at 3pm, but that will probably be too late to save one of us…

(Oh, and I’ve definitely jinxed myself by being interviewed today for an IASGMOOH segment on Friday’s Pod Delusion podcast!)

One thought

  1. Thanks Tom for your kind words. Yes, it has been a wonderful experience and I’m sure that all of Team Chromium would agree that it has been a great chance to step back look at ourselves and our work from a different view point. It has been odd to sit at the keyboard this evening without the pressure of 50+ unanswered curve-ball questions. I’m missing it already!

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