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  1. First and foremost… congratulations Tom!

    I agree that it was a close run thing and I changed my mind several times during the event about who I thought was the most likely candidate to win through in the end. But the students have spoken, so well done you.

    I also agree that, despite the fierce competition, there was an incredible team spirit in our zone and I would certainly like to meet the other zone scientists face-to-face. It is high on my priority list of things to do when I next visit the UK.

    For the others reading this, I would like to add my support to what Tom said about getting involved. I think that this is an extremely good exercise for everyone working in the scientific field. This is for a number of reasons, some of which Tom has already outlined. I would add that in addition to the ‘outreach’ there is the ‘inreach’ as well… namely the chance to reflect on your work and your role. Many times I found it there were questions that challenged the way I think and the assumptions that I make. It made me question my life-choices and the direction and motivation of my research. In short, it was a good way of doing a self-assessment of ones research, career and life. I wonder whether you also thought this, Tom?

    So, once again, congratulations!


    1. Thanks Derek, it seems like ages ago now!

      I definitely think we need to arrange a Chromium Zone meet up — I will send an email out to everyone.

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