An iPhone tragedy

My iPhone 3GS had a little accident today: after nearly two years of faithful service (without a case), some spilt milk in the dairy aisle of Tesco caused a comedy slip (and juggle) which resulted in the following:

Broken iPhone

While it was most likely excellent viewing on CCTV, we’ll see what Tesco say tomorrow…

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8 thoughts on “An iPhone tragedy

  1. If they left a puddle of milk in the isle you could argue they were negligent, so they owe you a new phone. Good luck with it.

  2. 87 unread e-mails man? You need to do some Inbox Zero on that schizzle.

  3. Alan O'D says:

    Not to worry, it’s a 10 minute DIY operation costing about £10 to fix it.

    After you’ve fixed it, not only will your phone be returned to former glory, but you will feel invincible!

  4. Where there’s a blame there’s scum sucking ambulamance chaser… I suggest you look where you’re walking Tinkerbell!! Unlucky on the phone front…. Mine remains cradled in my bosom 24/7.

  5. Tom says:

    So Tesco have offered to pay for it to be repaired…I just need to find somewhere to get it fixed in the same day. Any ideas in Cardiff?

    p.s. The CCTV evidence must have been conclusive!

  6. Tom says:

    OK, it took me nearly three months to take my phone to be repaired (great service by Greenpoint IT Ltd), but they still paid for it. Thank you Tesco Western Avenue, Cardiff!

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