Best of 2012

Here are the most popular posts of 2012*; most of my visitors came from the US, with the UK and Canada not far behind (169 countries in all). The busiest day of the year was 8 May, with lots of traffic to the top post listed below.

Top five posts (82 this year, 148 overall):

  1. A set of top Computer Science blogs
  2. Programming is the start not the end: let’s develop computational thinking and problem solving skills
  3. Academia vs. Industry
  4. Microsoft’s 0xB16B00B5
  5. Strategic Information Pack: teaching Computer Science in schools in Wales

The most common search term was “0xB16B00B5”; the most bizarre: “recreational scolding“.

Thank you all for reading! See you back in 2013.

*also see best of: 2011

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