2015 EAPLS Board member elections

EAPLS, the European Association for Programming Languages and Systems, aims to stimulate research in the area of programming languages and systems. Formally inaugurated in 1996, it provides a forum for researchers across the domain, working with related organisations and industry to initiate scientific events and stimulate the exchange of ideas, as well as raising funds, organising conferences and divesting financial support.

I’m standing in the 2015 EAPLS Board elections (current Board members); I believe there is a significant opportunity to rejuvenate the activities of EAPLS and raise its profile: building networks for early career researchers, sponsoring new events/initiatives, engaging with the major conferences and journals in our field, encouraging improved knowledge transfer activities with industry, as well as raising the profile of the wider research areas in both UK and EU funding streams. We can also be more active in the policy space, by highlighting the educational and economic impact of the wider research areas of programming languages and systems.

You can view my full election statement; all EAPLS members (free to join) are eligible to vote, with the election open until 15 April 2015.

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