Nature blog post on impact of COVID-19 on HE

Further to our recent anonymous international survey on “emergency remote teaching” and the impact of COVID-19 on the education sector, we’ve had a blog post published today by Nature Index presenting some of our interim findings:

Forced shift to online teaching in coronavirus pandemic unleashes educators’ deepest job fears

Richard Watermeyer, Tom Crick, Cathryn Knight and Janet Goodall

As universities everywhere rapidly move their learning, teaching and assessment online in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, academics especially in the UK feel unprepared, inadequately supported and deeply fearful.

They dread that this forced culture-change moment for universities will result in their deskilling, obsolescence and ultimately, unemployment, our survey of 1165 university educators reveals.
It’s still early days. Our online survey started on March 27 and remains open. But our initial findings have surfaced ominous predictions of the impact of this current pandemic — and digital conversion — not only on the health, employment and wellbeing of academics as educators, but on the sustainability of the university sector.

Read the full post online:

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