Submission to Senedd CYPE COVID-19 consultation

Further to our recent large-scale survey (and related work) on “emergency remote teaching” and the impact of COVID-19 on the education sector, we’ve submitted evidence to the Senedd Cymru/Welsh Parliament’s Children, Young People and Education Committee’s scrutiny of Covid-19 and its impact on children and young people.

The CYPE Committee is exploring how the outbreak of COVID-19 is affecting all aspects of life for children and young people, including students in further and higher education. They will consider the impact of the outbreak and how it is being managed on children and young people’s physical and mental health and wellbeing, their education and their social care. Furthermore, this consultation consider how the Welsh Government and its associated public bodies are dealing with the situation and its impact on relevant sectors and professions. We have specifically addressed the following areas within their remit:

  • Statutory school education, including arrangements for remote learning, continuity of learning, the impact on educational outcomes and the implementation of the critical workers policy;
  • Exams and qualifications (including vocational qualifications);
  • Higher and further education, including the financial sustainability of the sector, the effect of changes to courses, student accommodation and other student services, and the impact of this on students’ legal rights.

Alongside the recent oral evidence sessions and other written submissions, you can access our submission here: CYPE COV 111 (submitted 9 June 2020; published 19 August 2020)

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