Survey: inclusive education in Wales

With colleagues from Swansea University and the University of South Wales, we are conducting research to better understand how key messages about inclusion are passed down from legislation and policy makers to educators in the classroom. Building on my recent curriculum reform work, we are investigating the coherence and alignment of the new Curriculum for Wales (published in January 2020, to phase in from September 2022) and the Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Act (commencing from 1 September 2021, with a three year implementation period before the ALN Code applies in full). As both reforms have aspirations of an “inclusive education system”, we would like to find out what teachers across all compulsory settings and contexts in Wales understand about inclusive education, and how they believe the reforms may influence and change their practice.

Please complete our anonymous survey; you will be asked about your educational roles and responsibilities, and your experience and attitudes towards the inclusion of children with additional learning needs in the classroom:

(c.10 mins completion time, please share through your Welsh teacher networks; the survey will close at midnight, Tuesday 6 July 2021)

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