EPSRC Fellowships announced

Last week, the EPSRC announced the 43 successful researchers who have been awarded fellowships totalling £36M to “help develop their potential as the next generation of world-leading scientists and engineers.

After a recent reorganisation of their fellowship programmes, the EPSRC now provide a number of personal fellowships to early career and well-established researchers to carry out ambitious programmes of research, usually over a five-year period. These fellowships fund the recipient and enable them to build a research team around a specific topic area; they are prestigious and highly coveted by those within the EPSRC‘s remit.

However, as discussed on the Dundee Physics blog, the EPSRC‘s press release appeared to focus more on the funding infrastructure and process (perhaps indirectly supporting Shaping Capability), rather than highlighting the excellence of the researchers (who, seemingly as an afterthought, were named at the end of the press release). This is in stark contrast to the recent announcement of the Royal Society’s 2011 University Research Fellowships.

All of the following information has been taken from Grants on the Web (with thanks to David McGloin for first collating it):

Career Acceleration Fellowships

EPSRC Ref. PI Organisation Title Value (£)
EP/J002062/1 Ross, Dr J University of Cambridge Links between Algebraic Geometry and Complex Analysis 693,701
EP/J002658/1 Dembele, Dr L University of Warwick Explicit methods for algebraic automorphic forms 589,359
EP/J001317/1 Jeffrey, Dr M University of Bath When Worlds Collide: the asymptotics of interacting systems 349,723
EP/J001686/1 Majumdar, Dr A University of Oxford The Mathematics of Liquid Crystals – Analysis, Computation and Applications 501,887
EP/J00149X/1 Haynes, Dr A University of Bristol Circle rotations and their generalisations in Diophantine approximation 590,969
EP/J002437/1 House, Dr TA University of Warwick Disease transmission and control in complex, structured populations 632,534
EP/J001872/1 O’Hara, Dr C University of Strathclyde Chiral Concepts in s-Block Metal Amide Chemistry 907,993
EP/J002194/1 Hofferberth, Dr S University of Nottingham Few-Photon Nonlinear Optics in Ultracold Rydberg Gases 1,142,329
EP/J002208/1 Kerridge, Dr A University College London Theoretical studies of actinide complexation with macrocyclic ligands: identifying synthetic targets and real-world applications 594,433
EP/J002615/1 McLain, Dr S University of Oxford Structural studies of atomic interactions in membranes: bridging the gap between physics and membrane biology 1,345,845
EP/J001821/1 Leek, Dr PJ University of Oxford Strong coupling and coherence in hybrid solid state quantum systems 892,726
EP/J002275/1 Hayward, Dr T J University of Sheffield MAGNETISM YOU CAN RELY ON: Understanding Stochastic Behaviour in Nanomagnetic Devices. 698,105
EP/J002542/1 Galan, Dr M University of Bristol Novel ionic-based tools for glycoscience 920,060
EP/J002550/1 Kar, Dr S Queen’s University of Belfast Next generation laser-driven neutron sources for ultrafast studies 617,279
EP/J002518/1 Graham, Dr DM The University of Manchester Terahertz electron paramagnetic resonance: A window on biological exploitation of quantum mechanics 755,989
EP/J002577/1 Eden, Dr SP Open University Electron attachment to biomolecular clusters: probing the role of multiple scattering in radio-sensitivity. 618,329
EP/J002348/1 Zair, Dr A Imperial College London CADAM: Capturing Attosecond Dynamics in Atoms and Molecules 697,864
EP/J001538/1 Bull, Dr JA Imperial College London Novel strategies to access chiral heterocycles as potential lead compounds in drug discovery 723,115
EP/J002305/1 Barnes, Dr P R F Imperial College London Charge Carrier Dynamics and Molecular Wiring in Hybrid Optoelectronic Devices 722,816
EP/J002534/1 Greaves, Dr S J University of Bristol Dynamics of Gas-Liquid Reactions; The Pseudo-Surface Approach 1,059,463
EP/J002259/1 Hubert, Dr C Newcastle University DEEPBIOENGINEERING 985,943
EP/J002186/1 NGODUY, Dr D University of Leeds Advanced traffic flow theory and control for heterogeneous intelligent traffic networks 480,598
EP/J002380/1 Eames, Dr M University of Exeter The development of an early stage thermal model to protect against uncertainty and morbidity in buildings under predicted climate change 506,058
EP/J002356/1 Dean, Dr P University of Leeds Coherent detection and manipulation of terahertz quantum cascade lasers 695,589
EP/J002224/1 Brotherston, Dr J Queen Mary, University of London Logical Foundations of Resource 465,503
EP/J002607/1 Sadrzadeh, Dr M University of Oxford Foundational Structures for Compositional Meaning 529,968
EP/J002526/1 Yamagishi, Dr J University of Edinburgh Deep architectures for statistical speech synthesis 741,163
EP/J001953/1 Mather, Dr M University of Nottingham Self-assembling Liposome Nano-transducers 733,385
EP/J002402/1 Ebbens, Dr S University of Sheffield Using Self-Assembling Swimming Devices to Control Motion at the Nanoscale 896,741
EP/J002100/1 Reddyhoff, Dr T Imperial College London Triboemission and Boundary Film Formation 719,805

Leadership Fellowships

EPSRC Ref. PI Organisation Title Value (£)
EP/J003948/1 Gelfreykh, Dr V University of Warwick Unstable Dynamics in Hamiltonian Systems 821,038
EP/J004022/1 Luczak, Professor MJ University of Sheffield Stochastic models for epidemics in large populations: limiting and long-term behaviour 952,949
EP/J003840/1 Adjiman, Dr CS Imperial College London The molecular frontier: extending the boundaries of process design 1,278,003
EP/J004081/1 Reynolds, Dr P University of Sheffield Advanced Technologies for Mitigation of Human-Induced Vibration 1,056,999
EP/J003867/1 Alavi, Professor A University of Cambridge Quantum Monte Carlo meets Quantum Chemistry 968,120
EP/J003875/1 Bongs, Professor K University of Birmingham Dipolar Quantum Magnets 1,325,121
EP/J003832/1 McKenna, Professor P University of Strathclyde Multi-PetaWatt Laser-Plasma Interactions: A New Frontier in Physics 1,330,510
EP/J003859/1 Bresme, Dr F Imperial College London Novel thermo-molecular effects at nanoscale interfaces: from nanoparticles to molecular motors 1,181,480
EP/J003999/1 Gregoryanz, Dr E University of Edinburgh Synthesis and Studies of Novel States of Matter at Extreme Conditions 1,103,039
EP/J004049/1 Colton, Dr S Imperial College London Computational Creativity Theory 970,170
EP/J004057/1 Cohen, Professor N University of Leeds WHole Animal Modelling (WHAM): Toward the integrated understanding of sensory motor control in C. elegans 1,185,968
EP/J004111/1 Krasnogor, Professor N University of Nottingham Towards a Universal Biological-Cell Operating System (AUdACiOuS) 1,026,408
EP/J003964/1 Rosser, Dr SJ University of Glasgow A synthetic biology approach to optimisation of microbial fuel cell electricity production 960,594

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