Useful methods in Android 4.2: isUserAGoat()

android.os.UserManager, a new class added in Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) which manages users and user details on a multi-user system, has exposed a very useful public method:


(source and an explanation)

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2 thoughts on “Useful methods in Android 4.2: isUserAGoat()

  1. Dave Donaghy says:

    I really wish I knew more about Android now! :)

    Aside from the comedy of this – and I guess general Easter Eggs that might appear – I have an app idea that, with suitable GUI skills, might take a few hours to develop. On an iPhone, this would be massively cumbersome to deploy, with a curated marketplace and other associated shenanigans.

    On Android, getting such a thing to run should be much easier, at least if it’s only on my device.

    I could go down the web app route, but that always seems like an unsatisfactory halfway house.

    Android should solve all this for me – I wonder if it will.

  2. […] (most common search term: “feynman problem solving algorithm“; most bizarre: “isuseragoat“) […]

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