Grant applications, early 20th century style


Facsimile of a research proposal submitted by Otto Warburg to the Notgemeinschaft der Deutschen Wissenschaft (Emergency Association of German Science), c.1921.

The application, which consisted of a single sentence, “I require 10,000 marks“, was funded in full.

(read the full Nature Reviews Cancer article)

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7 thoughts on “Grant applications, early 20th century style

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  2. Ralf Lippold says:

    Great – makes sense when you think about the speed of innovation and scientific research in those days. Transferring the process to the 21st century would look like what? h/t Gianaurelio Cuniberti who shared this post on Facebook

  3. gauwain says:

    The irony… It didn’t get him far. A year later he wouldn’t be able to buy a bread from it. :)

    • Mine NotThine says:

      Gauwain, you might mean 2 years later? At least if this IS 1921. Funny it says circa 1921 and that the page isn’t dated though apparently signed. My HoaxAlarm is a-flashing brightly.

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