Best of 2014

Here are the most popular posts of 2014*; as always, a combination of research, CS education, programming, science policy and cathartic moaning. Most of my visitors came from the UK, with the US and Germany not far behind (168 countries in all). The busiest day of the year was 14 January, with lots of traffic to this post from last December.

Top five posts (76 this year, 276 overall):

  1. Five Programming Top Tips (from a seven year old)
  2. Paper submitted to Recomputability 2014: “Share and Enjoy”: Publishing Useful and Usable Scientific Models
  3. New A Levels in Computer Science from 2015
  4. The Python Error Steamroller
  5. What Superman III teaches us about programming

The most common search term was once again: “feynman algorithm”; the most bizarre: “big boobs gpg image” (most likely referring to this post from 2012).

Thank you all for reading! See you back here in 2015.

*also see best of: 2013, 2012, 2011

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