Review of ICT qualifications in Wales

Qualifications Wales, the independent organisation responsible for regulating general and vocational qualifications in Wales, is undertaking a review of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) qualifications, which has been identified as a priority sector for growth by the Welsh Government and the Regional Skills Partnership. As part of this review, Qualifications Wales will be speaking to employers, work-based learning providers, learners and professional and academic networks — as well as benchmarking internationally — on the range of qualifications offered in Wales that sit across this sector to ascertain their appropriateness and effectiveness for both learners and employers.

The aims of this review are to:

  • develop an understanding of the qualification landscape;
  • identify the views of partner organisations on the effectiveness of existing qualifications and the system itself to meet the needs of learners, employers and higher education institutions;
  • consider the extent to which the qualifications are technically effective and fit for purpose;
  • identify any lessons to be learned from qualifications in other comparable nations;
  • decide whether Qualifications Wales should take, or recommend others to take, any actions to improve the effectiveness of qualifications or the system itself.

If you would like to get involved in the review — which will run until the end of the year — please get in touch with the team at Qualifications Wales:

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