2017 ACM Europe Council Elections

The ACM Europe Council aims to increase the level and visibility of the ACM — the Association of Computing Machinery, the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society dedicated to advancing computing as a science and profession — and its activities across Europe. The Council is comprised of European computer scientists committed to fostering the visibility and relevance of ACM in Europe, and is focused on a wide range of European ACM activities, from high-quality ACM conferences in Europe, to expanding ACM chapters, to encouraging greater participation of Europeans in all dimensions of ACM.

I’m standing as one of the six nominated candidates in the May 2017 ACM Europe Council elections, to be appointed for a four-year period from July 2017. You can view my candidate biography online (PDF), with my election statement as follows:

I would be delighted to serve on the ACM Europe Council, building upon my experience as a computer science academic in the UK, various professional body senior volunteer roles, as well as substantial experience of science, innovation and education policy advice at ministerial and senior civil servant level (including chairing a national curriculum review). My goals are as follows:

  • Increase interdisciplinary research involving computer science, bridging and collaborating with other science and engineering disciplines, particularly for emerging data-driven and computationally-intensive domains.
  • Promote open science/research; as computer scientists, we should be better at sharing our data, software and computational artefacts, especially in the context of supporting reproducibility and software sustainability.
  • Continued advocacy of high-value digital skills and computer science/informatics education for all e.g. developing ACM’s involvement in the Digital Agenda for Europe initiative, as well as supporting national curriculum reform initiatives.
  • Rethink public engagement and (computer) science communication – how can we better engage with society to showcase the wonders, excitement and wider impact of computer science.

For further information about me, please see my blog: http://proftomcrick.com or find me on Twitter: @ProfTomCrick.

If you are a member of the ACM based in Europe, please vote for me online! All votes must be received no later than 19 June 2017 (16:00 UTC).

2 thoughts

  1. Delighted to have elected — along with my colleagues below — to the ACM Europe Council for a four-year term from July 2017!

    • Tom Crick, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
    • Yannis Ioannidis, University of Athens, Greece
    • Valerie Issarny, Inria Paris, France
    • Chiara Petrioli, Universitá di Roma “La Sapienza”, Italy

    Thank you to everyone who voted.

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