A Month In Data, Part I

Starting today in a new monthly blog post series — imaginatively entitled “A Month In Data” — I will be curating a set of interesting articles, links and resources that I have come across this month relating to data, algorithms, technology and policy: from data science, AI and machine learning, through to ethics, society and governance. This not only reflects my broader academic and policy interests, it also reinforces the increasing impact of data, algorithms and computational processes on our world. Alongside this main list — which is presented in no specific order or precedence — I will also offer a set of short links to posts, academic papers and other relevant resources.

Part I: August 2017

In this first set of posts we have a spread of topics reflecting the breadth of the series — from machine learning, neural nets and NLP, through to data visualisation, predictive policing and data infrastructure policy:

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Hopefully I will be able to maintain the monthly frequency of these posts; please comment below with any feedback or recommendations!

(see all other posts in the A Month In Data series)

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