LSkIP Business Skills Survey for the Cardiff Capital Region

The Learning, Skills and Innovation Partnership (LSkIP) is the Regional Skills Partnership for the Cardiff Capital Region. It is responsible for providing recommendations to the Welsh Government to influence and prioritise the deployment of skills funding, to deliver the employment and skills that industry needs to enable the Welsh economy to thrive and grow. Furthermore, it aims to be demand-led and inclusive, involving industry and working with the City Region and Enterprise Zones to prioritise skills delivery in response to economic need. I chair LSkIP’s Digital Cluster Panel, linking various industry, academic and public sector networks.

Previous skills analysis has identified six priority areas for the South East Wales region to focus on between now and 2020:

  • Responding to growth and opportunities including:
    • Infrastructure investment and Enterprise Zones;
    • Foundational economy.
  • Adult skills development;
  • Entrepreneurship — SMEs and spin-out companies;
  • Skills utilisation and under‐utilisation;
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics);
  • Employer engagement.

LSkIP’s recommendations form part of the annual Regional Employment and Skills Plan that will be submitted to the Welsh Government in summer 2018, building upon the recommendations made in the Cardiff Capital Region Employment & Skills Plan 2017 [en, cy] and the South East Wales Employment and Skills Plan 2016 [en, cy]. To inform these recommendations the Partnership needs to better understand the employment and skills needs of businesses across the South East Wales region, to help inform priorities for future skills investment and delivery. Responses will be confidential and treated anonymously within any analysis, with no comment linked to any particular business or individual.

The survey should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete and will run until Sunday 4 March 2018. To take part please go to: (English) or (Cymraeg).

One thought

  1. Whatever happened to LSkIP? I understand the leadership through the WLGA and KH lost government confidence – leadership was poor. But to simply shut it down?? Reflects poorly on Cardiff Capital Region Board although what hope here? CCR increasingly looks like a local government quango. Same old.
    Did the useless Workforce Development Council take over responsibility. No hope there then!

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