Wonkhe blog post on how academic lives are in transition

Further to our recent anonymous international survey on “emergency remote teaching” and the impact of COVID-19 on the education sector, we’ve had a blog post published today by Wonkhe outlining the impact on higher education practitioners:

Academic lives are in transition

Richard Watermeyer, Tom Crick, Cathryn Knight and Janet Goodall

The COVID-19 pandemic has almost overnight changed “how we do what we do” as academics, and the nature of our daily routines.
In an attempt to capture and profile academic lives-in-transition, we designed a large-scale international attitudinal survey coinciding with universities’ mass online-migration and for which we received an overwhelming response.
In total, an excess of 1400 responses were generated from academics working in higher education institutions across 40 country contexts. These are voices of experience representing all the major disciplinary areas and career stages from which transpire the enormous challenges that this pandemic presents to academic lives and careers.
What follows is their collective account; an account that will be familiar and, at least in parts, will resonate with each one of us as members of a global Academy under siege.

Read the full post online: https://wonkhe.com/blogs/academic-lives-are-in-transition/

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