New report: “Innovative pedagogical practices in the craft of Computing”

Earlier in the year, we were invited to submit to the Higher Education Academy’s NTF Innovative Pedagogies series; in collaboration with James Davenport and Alan Hayes from the University of Bath — representing three of the UK National Teaching Fellows in computer science — we have written a report entitled: Innovative pedagogical practices in the craft of Computing, addressing innovative (and emerging) pedagogies for teaching introductory programming at university-level.

The abstract of the report is below; you can download the full report as part of the HEA NTF Innovative Pedagogies series:

Innovative pedagogical practices in the craft of Computing

Tom Crick, James H. Davenport and Alan Hayes

Computer programming, the art of actually instructing a computer to do what one wants, is fundamentally a practical skill. How does one teach this practical skill in a university setting, to students who may not be initially motivated to acquire it, and who may have a variety of past experience, or none at all? Furthermore, how does one do it in a resource-efficient way to large classes? Students are largely motivated by assessment: what is the best way to assess this skill? How does this skill relate to more abstract concepts like “computational thinking”? In this piece NTFs from different universities explain their solutions.

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